Frequently Asked Questions

We already have a strong established brand identity. Can I hire you to design a brochure (poster, business card, etc.) that will suit it?

Yes! I can design individual pieces that will support and highlight your previously established identity. I can also design fresh identities from scratch, or update one that is starting to feel a little dated.

How long does it take?

All of my projects vary in size and scope, and all project timelines are reliant on the speed of everyone involved. A print design project can generally be completed in 3-6 weeks, and a complete web design project generally takes around 9-12 weeks. In a hurry? Contact me and I should be able to arrange a rush job for you. If you have a little more time, though, take it – the longer we have to work on a project together, the more fabulous the results can be.

Can you manage the printing?

Gladly! Often, clients have an established relationship with a printer. In that case, I can work directly with your printer, or provide print-ready files to pass over to you. If I manage the printing, I will handle every part of the process from acquiring quotes and sourcing materials to approving proofs and delivering completed projects to your doorstep. With the additional print management fee, I can help you print your project in the most economical fashion (probably digitally), or guide you through exploring specialty papers and printing processes (letterpress, foiling, and more).

Do you provide copywriting?

No. I can provide the occasional tag-line or light promotional copy, but I rely on my clients to provide the bulk of their own copy. Though I will be available to provide guidance on what is needed or recommended, you are responsible for final delivery and approval of all copywriting. If needed, I can assist in connecting you with a copywriter.

Do you provide photography?

No. I can provide as a part of my service the sourcing of stock photography, or I can connect us with a photographer to provide photography to suit the project at hand.

Do you work on a per-project basis, or can I hire you on retainer?

Either! Some of my clients come to me as needed, and some I work with on a monthly or weekly basis. If we haven’t worked together before, I recommend we start out with a couple first pieces to make sure we are a good fit. If so, a long-term retainer arrangement can lead to exceptional results in the overall consistency and strength of your brand. This would allow me to be available as needed for any graphic design needs that come up, big or small, with dedicated support and shorter timelines.

Do you do social media management?

No. I can design graphics for social media content to promote your business or event, but I don’t become an administrator to client accounts.

Do you do digital marketing or SEO?

A bit. I design my small business websites with current digital marketing and SEO concepts in mind. I also connect every website design to Google Analytics, and can optionally provide monthly delivery of basic tracking reports. I install and set up standard comprehensive SEO back-end programs and provide guidance on continued use. I don’t advise on or manage things like Google AdWords, pixel tracking, or Facebook advertising.

I want to be able to update my own website after it is designed. Do I have to hire you every time I want to change something?

Only if you want to! I currently use a widely used content development system (CMS) called WordPress. Every site I design is built so that you can manage it yourself if you want to, with easy-to-use editing software. If you feel like you can handle Microsoft Works pretty well, you can handle managing your site for basic edits and updates. I will provide you with a brief training session and explainers to keep with you. If something big comes up, or anything else you don’t want to handle, just call! I will always be available to help you out. Or, if you don’t ever want to touch it yourself, that’s fine too – we can set up a maintenance retainer and I’ll take care of everything.

How much does all this cost?

All of my prices are quoted on a per-project basis. Email me with some information about your project, and I can provide you with a range. If that sounds good to you, we can meet (or talk on the phone) to discuss your project in more detail. I will then give you a quote with a few options. A 50% deposit is required to begin work, and the remaining 50% is required to begin printing, or for websites, to go live.

How do we get started?

First, tell me a little bit about your project and I’ll get back to you straight away.