1. Who I am

I am a graphic and web designer who works with businesses, hosts & hostesses, and cultural institutions to develop marketing and promotional pieces, websites, and more.

I am a native of Corpus Christi, Texas, and was commissioned to design my first website for a local business as a Ray High School student in 2005, and have been steadily building up the business in the 14 years since.

I now work closely with a small family of prominent South Texas businesses of varying industries as a graphic design partner, and have had the honor of maintaining long business partnerships with many of the areas most treasured organization.

Personally and professionally, I am a lifelong lover and student of the visual and performing arts, and have a passion for furthering the mission of cultural community organizations through graphic design.

2. How I Work

My clients hire me at a variety of levels, usually for:

  • –  Print Marketing and Promotional Design
  • –  Website Design
  • –  Brand Identity Design

Some of my clients call me on occasion when they need something small designed, some work with me for a focused span of a few months on full-scale branding and web-design, and some work closely with me as their graphic-design partner on retainer year-round.

There is no commitment once we work together on a project, but I have found that a close long-term designer relationship can lead to an intimate and honest brand aesthetic that is time-tested and well-honed (and once a designer knows you well enough to read your mind, it will make your life a lot easier!)

3. Who Hires Me

I look for clients who value design and are willing to invest in it, but don’t need the overheads and baggage that comes from a traditional agency format.

If you care for your organization to exhibit thoughtful, classy, creative design, but don’t have a project or budget big enough to need a big team on it, consider working with an independent designer.

Working with Molly Pierce Design is an easy and efficient alternative, or supplement, to working with other larger graphic design firms.

4. My Approach

I design everything custom, employing a variety of traditional and digital design techniques and processes. I am design-forward, but have the empathy and curiosity required to embrace your established aesthetic and respectfully enliven it and push it’s boundaries.

I aim to be practical and specific, and adapt my process somewhat to each project so as to devote time to the parts of the job most important for you, and not waste time on unnecessary steps. I will work with you on making the best decisions along the way, keeping in mind aesthetic, as well as functional and sales-minded requirements.

In the end, I want what I design to honor your organization and to flatter it, and to efficiently serve its purpose.

I work independently, but can connect with a network of creatives and producers to work with my clients in any related areas that I don’t offer.

6. How to Get Started

To request a quote or pick my brain, the best way to contact me is to email me at hello@mollypiercedesign.com, or leave me a message at 361-946-2240. Please include your contact information along with some basic info about you and your project. I will get back to you in haste to make a plan for a phone call or for me to come by and say hello.