The Importance of Digital Marketing for Industrial Companies

Digital marketing is not just for retail companies. Every buyer’s journey, B2B and B2C, often includes stops along the digital highway. Consumers of all types look for company and product reviews, search for different information, and educate themselves before heading into a sale. Digital marketing has outpaced analog solutions for several years, and the gap will only widen as more and more people turn to the internet as the first stop for information.

Common Digital Marketing Avenues

With the change in the way people connect, communicate and consume media, it should be no surprise that digital marketing is an essential part of any business strategy. Consider the simple fact that even the users who get online the least spend more than four hours each day online. Businesses that don’t connect with their customer base through preferred methods miss opportunities. Remember, digital marketing doesn’t just mean banner ads. It encompasses a complete range avenues including:

Search (paid and organic) Social media Paid advertisements Video ads Apps and push notifications Business profiles Product reviews And lots more! If the content is available digitally, it is a part of an overall digital marketing strategy. Whether a business sells to the general consumer or makes products specifically for manufacturing, the importance of digital marketing is clear.

How Do Businesses Shop?

Manufacturing companies and other businesses have something in common: people. People still make the purchasing decisions, and they do it by shopping using the avenues they are most comfortable with. Today, that means using online search tools and word of mouth spread through social media. A manufacturing company looking for a new supplier might ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn. Armed with a short list of candidates, the buyer might look at profile pages and collect feedback, all before making that first contact. If an industrial company hasn’t set up a well-rounded and engaging online presence, buyers are likely to look elsewhere.

How to Use Digital Marketing to Expand Industrial Opportunities

Digital marketing can impact multiple levels of a business. From recruiting top talent to establishing a reputation for expertise and excellence, digital is the way to go. The challenge lies in putting together a strategy that works. All content should be aligned to that strategy. Any blog posts must lead back to the overall story being told, all without being a sales pitch. Digital marketing is not posting ads. It is developing an online presence that adds value for customers. A business that sells machine parts might post content about streamlining the manufacturing process or cutting costs with sustainable solutions. A business that supplies construction companies might create content surrounding building codes or best practices specific to the industry. The goal of all good marketing is to stay relevant, add value and position the company for maximum exposure.

Industrial companies don’t need to worry about mass market appeal, but they do need exposure within their niche. No pop-up ads on a game app, but some native advertising on industry sites can go a long way. Blog content that explores the buyer’s journey and delves into pain points or videos that simplify complex concepts can all be helpful. Of course, social media is an integral part of B2B sales and marketing, as it is where many businesses can establish a reputation and start communicating with prospects.

Whether a company needs a new recruitment strategy, better community outreach or to draw in more prospects, digital marketing has a solution that can help.