WEB DESIGN Do you provide hosting? Yes. We partner up with affiliate companies to offer the best hosting for our clients. Give us a call and we will find the best solution for your needs. Do you only develop on WordPress? No. We specifically offer WordPress because offers the best cost-effectiveness and longevity for our clients. If you have a specific Content Management System (CMS) in mind, let us know and we will accommodate your needs. What steps do you take for security? We take security very seriously. Considering that WordPress is an open source CMS, we like to move around and rewrite some of the standard files. We also offer support packages that maintain the website software. Any pre-developed plugins will be continuously updated as long as there are not compatibility issues with the updates. With the right level of support, plugins that may break will be fixed to prevent issues with the website. Some websites require top-level security and for these we work directly with the hosting companies to harden the database. Sounds vague? We have to be. Will you maintain a previously developed website? This greatly depends on how well the website was developed originally. We like to maintain a website all the way from hosting, security, patches to content. To do this, we will require that ownership of the website is transferred from your previous web service company to ours. Will you match pricing? Generally, no. A significant reason for this is due to our experience in the field. We are confident that any quote we produce is the best pricing in the industry for the delivered product. Essentially, we do the best work for the best price. They may charge you less, but you will get what you pay for. SOCIAL MEDIA How long does it take to respond to a customer inquiry? At the beginning of any social media campaign we work with you and your staff to develop the best policies possible for customer inquiries as each business is different. There are systems in place to alert us of inquiries and with the information gathered from working with your CSR’s we respond as quickly as possible. If a policy has not been established, the inquiry is sent to a contact point with your company to develop the best answer. Do we provide content to you or do you develop articles, graphics, etc? Each campaign is different and is based on your support staff and budget. We prefer to work with you to create content depending on the industry of your business. For some, we rely solely on you for images and content; for others we develop the content entirely. How do you style your campaigns? If your company or organization has previously developed a style guide we like to work with it heavily. If you have not established a style guide we will work with you to develop a base guideline to follow for any future content produced. What social media platforms do you use? Facebook, Twitter, etc. This heavily depends on your industry and target audience. If your business markets to the youth we are more likely to find success in developing a presence on Instagram. If your business markets to 24-65 we will establish a presence on Facebook. Twitter works well for “spur of the moment” information such as posts about what is currently taking place or for alerts. Would you recommend we develop a presence on Google+? No. Google+ does not have the same audience or engagement as Facebook and would be a waste of your money and our time. Only in special circumstances would we recommend regularly maintaining a Google+ presence.